New Redblacks QB Matt Nichols buys jersey from unlucky Argos fan

Photo via Twitter

Newly signed Ottawa Redblacks quarterback Matt Nichols has a better Christmas return policy than any retail store.

The veteran CFL quarterback took to Twitter on Wednesday to reach out to one unfortunate Argonauts fan who unwrapped a shiny new Nichols jersey over the holidays, only to have it rendered obsolete when he was released just over a month later.

Peter Cooper, an Argonauts season ticket holder and former front office employee with a 2004 Grey Cup ring to his name, was the unlucky victim of circumstance, but Nichols recalled his holiday post and offered to rectify the situation unprompted.

“Peter Cooper, DM me. I’ll buy the jersey from you so you can get a new one,” Nichols wrote on Twitter, quote-tweeting the original post. “I need one for my collection.”

The offer drew praise from across the CFL world. Rampant player movement has been much bemoaned by both fans and media in recent years and Nichols gesture was viewed as an ‘only in the CFL’ acknowledgement of the paying customers woes. Cooper was equally touched.

“So just like that I’m heading to the post office this afternoon to ship the jersey. Another prime example of the difference between the men that make up the CFL and every other league. So approachable and classy. Thanks again, Matt,” he responded.

Nichols was released by Toronto on January 31. The two sides were at an impasse in contract renegotiations as the veteran passer was due a $220,000 bonus on February 1. He was quickly picked up by Ottawa, who released their own quarterback Nick Arbuckle the same day for similar reasons. Arbuckle is now the projected starter in Toronto.

It’s a two-year contract for Nichols in the nation’s capital through the 2022 season, which includes a $200,000 report and pass bonus with the chance for him to make $317,000 in hard money in 2021. His base salary is $105,000 with $12,000 possible in housing payments on a per game basis.

The ten-year veteran, best known for his four years as the starter in Winnipeg, has passed for 18,363 yards, 108 touchdowns, and 60 interceptions while completing 66 percent of his attempts. He’s also recorded 140 carries for 617 yards and 13 touchdowns on the ground en route to a 45-28 win-loss record as a starter.