Layoffs hit hard at CFL league office with mostly women let go: report

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie has handed out pink slips to a number of league office employees.

According to Sportsnet reporter Arash Madani: Seven of the 10 let go Monday from the league office, women. Think about that: 70 per cent of cuts were to women. Roles in marketing, content and events. The message that sends. The Old Boys Club remains intact, though. “Diversity Is Strength.”

Madani reported a memo went out to league staff on Friday, January 29 signaling layoffs were underway at CFL headquarters.

Employees – those left on a reduced salary – were told that approvals have been received on which staff is staying and what departments will be downsized. No other details given. But… have a great weekend.

An already lean staff at league office is getting sliced further. People with institutional knowledge and good working relationships with teams are going to be gone. If you haven’t demonstrated to be on board with Ambrosie’s vision, you’re done.

More CFL staff leaving league HQ. Some for new gigs, others just feel they “need out.” Workplace “culture” there led to a 2020 external investigation on employee treatment. Many staff wonder how league goes in 2021; more question CFL 2.0, which is impermissible in this regime.

According to 3DownNation insider Justin Dunk, since Ambrosie was hired in July 2017, he’s been collecting around $750,000 per year, and bonus incentives could increase his annual earnings to approximately $1 million. Ambrosie stated the league’s executive team voluntarily took pay cuts of at least 20 per cent back in April.

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