Canadian offensive lineman Liam Dobson tells backstory of legendary photo

Photo courtesy: University of Maine Athletics

Big is beautiful and few exemplify that better than Canadian offensive lineman Liam Dobson.

Photo courtesy: University of Maine Athletics

Dobson was photographed making a one-handed catch in practice at the University of Maine this past fall and the photo went viral on social media.

The FCS cancelled its football season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the Black Bears still practiced for five weeks to keep players fresh. Nick Charlton, the team’s head coach, held a circuit one day that saw players put through drills designed for different position groups.

“For the o-line group, I had to show the drill off. It was just typical pull drill on a bag,” said Dobson on The Waggle with Donnovan Bennett. “It was funny seeing all those receivers try to do that pull drill.”

The Ottawa native was in a group with a few offensive and defensive linemen. When it came time for the receiver drill, players were expected to run a post route and catch the ball. Dobson’s pass was overthrown, but he still managed to reach out and complete the reception.

A team photographer snapped a photo of the catch with Dobson completely unaware that it had been captured on film. It was posted to social media shortly afterward and received an overwhelming response.

“I was actually in study hall and my phone just starts going crazy,” said Dobson. “I check my phone and I got a text from the media team at Maine and they’re like, ‘We’re just posting this photo, we think it’s gonna go crazy. Let us know what you think.’ It just took off.”

The six-foot-three, 340-pound offensive lineman has a great sense of humour as well as stunning athleticism. He has a 29-inch vertical and is capable of dunking a basketball, which is shocking given his size.

“The media team at Maine does a great job, they’re very talented. They definitely put out some great work and that was one of the best.”

Dobson is one of the top prospects in the 2021 CFL Draft, though teams will have to wait at least one year for him to report north of the border. Having just completed a transfer to Texas State University, he will play one more season of NCAA football before turning pro.

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