Former NFL punter turned show host Pat McAfee: ‘It’s dead, but the CFL was awesome’

Photo courtesy: DAZN

Former NFL punter turned media personality Pat McAfee wants to set the record straight when it comes to his take on the CFL style of football.

A couple weeks ago, McAfee called the CFL “state fair football.” It was actually meant as a compliment.

“I said that the CFL is state fair football, and some guy in Canada took that as a shot. I want to let you know … I don’t think you understand how much I love state fairs. Taking the normal, adding some s*** to it to make it awesome is something that I am a big fan of,” McAfee said on his self-named show.

McAfee enjoyed watching the CFL during his eight-year career with the Indianapolis Colts (2009-2016). The punter played at West Virginia University and had a number of NCAA and NFL teammates who played in Canada.

**Video warning — explicit language**

“Whenever Canada got upset about me calling the CFL state fair football, I want to let you know that’s you judging state fairs — you’re f***ing wrong. State fair football is football with a little bit of s*** added to it that makes it awesome,” McAfee said.

“For instance, we’re going to make this field four miles wide, we’re going to move the uprights upfront, we’re going to score on punts, we’re going to have running starts, we’re going to have three downs — it’s awesome. It’s dead, but the CFL was awesome.”

The CFL cancelled its 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though commissioner Randy Ambrosie has stopped short of guaranteeing three-down football in 2021, the league is working towards returning to play.