Shaq Evans apologizes for painting Riders fans with ‘broad brush’ due to Black Lives Matter frustrations

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Star Saskatchewan Roughriders’ receiver Shaq Evans wanted to set the record straight.

Evans was hurt by certain Riders fans who took issue with the Black Lives Matter movement in the summer.

“It was just built up frustration and I reacted too quickly. I painted the entire city and province with a broad brush and that’s not fair because most people there that I’ve met have been great,” Evans said during a press conference on Tuesday, reported by Global News Regina’s Jonathan Guignard.

Emotional Shaq Evans shares pain after anti-black lives matter backlash from Riders fans

“I want to take the time to apologize for what I said and if I offended anybody, I’m sorry. It was just an honest mistake. We’re all human and we sometimes say things with our emotions before we think. I love Regina and I love the people.”

At the time, Evans was taking a break from social media, but felt compelled to return and voice his displeasure at how his teammates were being treated by those Rider fans who took issue with the protests.