The Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ 2021 potential free agent list

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The defending Grey Cup champions have a number of major contributors currently slated to reach free agency in February 2021.

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Reigning Grey Cup Most Valuable Player and Most Valuable Canadian Andrew Harris is the biggest name on the list. The star running back will be 34 by the time next season rolls around but he has yet to show signs of slowing down.

Rasheed Bailey and Kenny Lawler are a strong pair of up-and-coming American receivers, while Canadian Nic Demski became a multi-faceted playmaker in Paul LaPolice’s offence.

Five starting-calibre offensive linemen are set to become free agents, including all-star tackles Stanley Bryant and Jermarcus Hardrick. On the opposite side of the trenches, Jackson Jeffcoat and Jake Thomas need to be re-signed if the club hopes to keep them in the starting lineup.

The starting secondary is featured heavily on the list as well with halfback/safety Brandon Alexander, cornerback Josh Johnson, strong-side linebacker Mercy Maston, and halfback Nick Taylor are all pending free agents.

Many of Winnipeg’s excellent special teamers are set to become free agents with names like Justin Medlock, Chad Rempel, Janarion Grant, Lucky Whitehead, Mike Miller, and Jesse Briggs.

Here’s the full list. Scroll down to see how long each player is under contract for and a reminder of who the team selected in the 2020 CFL draft.


Sean McGuire (I)

Running back

Andrew Harris (N)


Mike Miller (N)
John Rush (N)


Rasheed Bailey (I)
Nic Demski (N)
Julian Feoli-Gudino (N)
Janarion Grant (I)
Kenny Lawler (I)
Daniel Petermann (N)
Lucky Whitehead (I)

Offensive line

Stanley Bryant (I)
Geoff Gray (N)
Jermarcus Hardrick (I)
Patrick Neufeld (N)
Cody Speller (N)

Defensive line

Tobi Antigha (I)
Jackson Jeffcoat (I)
Alex McCalister (I)
Steven Richardson (I)
Jake Thomas (N)


Jesse Briggs (N)
Brandon Calver (N)
Shayne Gauthier (N)
Thomas Miles (N)
Kyrie Wilson (I)

Defensive back

Brandon Alexander (I)
Kerfalla Exumé (N)
Josh Johnson (I)
Chris Lyles (I)
Mercy Maston (I)
Otha Peters (I)
Nick Taylor (I)


K/P Justin Medlock (I)
LS Maxime Latour (N)
LS Chad Rempel (N)

Players who remain under contract for next season are signed through the following years.

QB Dru Brown (I) — 2021
QB Zach Collaros (I) — 2021
QB Dalton Sneed (I) — 2021

RB Johnny Augustine (N) — 2021
RB Joshua Caldwell (I) — 2021
RB Brady Oliveira (N) — 2021
RB James Williams (I) — 2021

REC Darvin Adams (I) — 2021
REC Charles Nelson (I) — 2021
REC Kayaune Ross (I) — 2021
REC Travis Rudolph (I) — 2021
REC Ardarius Stewart (I) — 2021
REC Drew Wolitarsky (N) — 2021

OL Jarell Broxton (I) — 2021
OL Michael Couture (N) — 2021
OL Drew Desjarlais (N) — 2021
OL Tui Eli (N) — 2021
OL Chris Kolankowski (N) — 2021

DL Justin Alexandre (I) — 2021
DL Patrick Choudja (I) — 2021
DL Dylan Donahue (I) — 2021
DL Connor Griffiths (N) — 2021
DL Willie Jefferson (I) — 2021
DL David Kenny (I) — 2021
DL Mathew Kolomatangi (I) — 2021
DL Royce Lafrance (I) — 2021
DL Ezekiel Rose (I) — 2021

LB Micah Awe (I) — 2021
LB Adam Bighill (I) — 2021
LB Jamalcolm Liggins (I) — 2021
LB Mason Moe (I) — 2021
LB Tyrone Neal (I) — 2021

DB DeAundre Alford (I) — 2021
DB Joshua Allen (I) — 2021
DB Malik Boynton (I) — 2021
DB Nick Hallett (N) — 2021
DB Demerio Houston (I) — 2021
DB Isaiah Johnson (I) — 2021
DB Mike Jones (I) — 2021
DB Dexter McDougle (I) — 2021
DB Raekwon Williams (I) — 2021
DB Samuel Williams (I) — 2021

K Matt Riley (N) — 2021

2020 draft class (all unsigned)

Second round, 18th overall DB Noah Hallett (N)
Fourth round, 37th overall REC Brendan O’Leary-Orange (N)
Fifth round, 39th overall K/P Marc Liegghio (N)
Fifth round, 46th overall DE Nic Dheilly (N)
Sixth round, 55th overall LB Kyle Rodger (N)
Seventh round, 64th overall LB/DB Tanner Cadwallader (N)
Eighth round, 73rd overall DB Bleska Kambamba (N)

John Hodge is a Canadian football reporter based in Winnipeg.