TSN’s Farhan Lalji feels ‘Elk’ would be ‘pretty lame’ as Edmonton’s new team name

Screengrab courtesy: TSN

Everyone has an e-pinion on the Edmonton Football Team’s new name.

The Green and Gold franchise asked for name submissions from fans as the organization works through the process of selecting a new moniker. Over 13,000 votes were received and TSN reporter Farhan Lalji has added his input.

“They’re pretty committed to making sure it’s an EE thing, which I think is good. I know that Chris Presson, the president, said we’re not going to go with Empire, which I was actually partial to at one point,” Lalji said on 620 CKRM radio in Regina.

“Eagles would be a simple, common, uncomplicated, uncontroversial name. I wouldn’t mind seeing something like the Extreme or the Express. I don’t want to see the Elk, I think that’s pretty lame. I like the Energy, too. I’m not sure about Evolution, that’s a bit much.”

The EE Football Team would not share the exact amount of votes cast for each option with 3DownNation, but did provide the top 10 list. Edmonton is working on a new name to be unveiled in the early spring of 2021.

“The hard part with names like this is it’s not just the alliteration or having it flow off your tongue, but you’ve gotta be able to mascot it, you’ve gotta be able to have multiple logos, because most teams have a secondary logo,” Lalji said.

“They need to take advantage of that because the EE isn’t going anywhere. That secondary logo is going to matter, how you nickname it, how you shorten it.”

The board of directors made the decision to discontinue the use of the word “Eskimo” in the team’s name in July. It’s going to cost the franchise over $1 million dollars for the new name.