Former CFL quarterback Kevin Glenn shares his secrets to career longevity

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Kevin Glenn played nearly two decades in the Canadian Football League.

It was 18 seasons and 208 career starts to be exact. After becoming a trusted veteran, Glenn prepared for each year the same way.

“We all know that football is a very, very physical sport, so you do have to concentrate and do what you need to do in the off-season in order to be prepared to come in when training camp starts,” Glenn said on The Rouge Report podcast.

“As you get older, it’s not about if you can physically do it. You know you can physically do it, but it’s more about maintaining that preventative maintenance to where you can last an entire CFL season plus the playoffs.”

Glenn stated there was a six-year stint where he did not pick up a football from when the season was over on November until late April. It worked for him as he never had any arm injuries, issues or felt fatigued at any point, especially late in his playing days.

He was a member of all nine CFL teams, suiting up for seven of them. Over his career, Glenn totalled 52,867 passing yards, 294 touchdowns and 207 interceptions with a 63.2 completion percentage. Every year there were young quarterbacks brought in to compete with Glenn, but he was able to keep his job every time.

“It has a lot to do with the mentality, I would tell a lot of people. Every year going into training camp you get new younger guys in,” Glenn said.

“It was a mentality knowing and telling yourself that you should be here, you can be here, and you have to be here. I never thought that them bringing a young guy in that I was going to fall off.”