Group chat: Hodge asks is it time for Dunk to throw in the towel on Week 11 NFL picks?

Photo courtesy: Los Angeles Rams

This is the third consecutive week I’m bylining our NFL picks because evidently Dunk can’t get it done.

The Lions and Browns pushed in a pair of three-point wins in Week 10, but I still managed to break even at 6-6-2. Dunk went 5-7-1, falling three games under .500 on the season.

Group chat: flexin’ on Dunk in Week 10 NFL picks

I’ve offered Dunk a chance to throw in the towel but he refused, claiming he’ll break out of his slump this week. He’s got five games to make up in our standings, so he better bring it if he hopes to keep up with me.

Derrick Moncrief. Photo courtesy: Los Angeles Rams

There are a ton of juicy games on the docket for Week 11, so let’s get into it.

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Week 11
Thursday Night Football
Arizona Cardinals at Seattle Seahawks
Line: Seahawks -3 (-120)
Total: 57.5 points
Dunk’s pick: CARDINALS. Gimme the points plus the better defence.
Hodge’s pick: CARDINALS. Kyler Murray is running wild.

Sunday 1 p.m. ET
Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints
Line: Saints -5 (-110)
Total: 51 points
Dunk’s pick: FALCONS. Because Jameis Winston the interception-maker.
Hodge’s pick: SAINTS. Even without Drew Brees, I’m marching with the Saints.

Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Football Team
Line: Washington -1.5 (-115)
Total: 46.5 points
Dunk’s pick: BENGALS. Love the Alex Smith return story, but Joe Burrow FTW.
Hodge’s pick: BENGALS. Cincy’s a lot better than they showed against the Steelers.

Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers
Line: Lions -1 (-110)
Total: 46.5 points
Dunk’s pick: PANTHERS. Teddy Spreadwater.
Hodge’s pick: PANTHERS. Carolina rolls here — whether it’s Bridgewater or Walker.

New England Patriots at Houston Texans
Line: Patriots -2 (-115)
Total: 48 points
Dunk’s pick: TEXANS. Major difference for the Pats being a heavy home underdog against the Ravens and road favourite in Houston.
Hodge’s pick: PATS. Did we write off New England too soon?

Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns
Line: Browns -2.5 (-115)
Total: 46 points
Dunk’s pick: BROWNS. Can’t back Carson Wentz until he earns it.
Hodge’s pick: BROWNS. The Eagles are the most overrated team in football.

Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars
Line: Steelers -10 (-110)
Total: 47.5 points
Dunk’s pick: STEELERS. Might be a letdown spot, but Pittsburgh’s defence doesn’t take days or even plays off.
Hodge’s pick: JAGS. Pittsburgh will win but may not cover.

Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens
Line: Ravens -6 (-110)
Total: 50 points
Dunk’s pick: TITANS. Can trust the Ravens offence to cover six points.
Hodge’s pick: TITANS. This spread is simply too big.

Sunday 4 p.m. ET
Miami Dolphins at Denver Broncos

Line: Dolphins -3.5 (-110)
Total: 45 points
Dunk’s pick: DOLPHINS. Fins up swagger is real with Tua Tagovailoa.
Hodge’s pick: DOLPHINS. Tua will keep rolling at Mile High.

New York Jets at Los Angeles Chargers
Line: Chargers -9 (even)
Total: 47 points
Dunk’s pick: CHARGERS. Justin Herbert jolts the Jets.
Hodge’s pick: CHARGERS. The Jets will still stink even after their bye.

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings
Line: Vikings -7 (-115)
Total: 48 points
Dunk’s pick: COWBOYS. Dallas didn’t go down without a fight against Pittsburgh.
Hodge’s pick: VIKINGS. Minnesota is starting to heat up.

Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts
Line: Colts -2.5 (-110)
Total: 45.5 points
Dunk’s pick: PACKERS. A-Rod over Philip Rivers — always.
Hodge’s pick: PACKERS. Aaron Rodgers has to go off again at some point.

Sunday Night Football
Kansas City Chiefs at Las Vegas Raiders

Line: Chiefs -7 (-105)
Total: 57 points
Dunk’s pick: CHIEFS. Patrick Mahomes motivated to prove Week 5 was a fluke.
Hodge’s pick: RAIDERS. Chiefs likely win but this feels like an inflated spread.

Monday Night Football
Los Angeles Rams at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Line: Bucs -4 (-115)
Total: 47.5 points
Dunk’s pick: RAMS. Led by Aaron Donald, LA can get after Tom Brady.
Hodge’s pick: RAMS. Evening games eliminate the dreaded west coast jet lag.

Against the spread picks to date:

Hodge: 43-36-2
Dunk: 38-41-2

John Hodge is a Canadian football reporter based in Winnipeg.