Insider Talk: CFL scouts, personnel experts comment on Chuba Hubbard’s NFL future

The Canadian Cowboy has hit a snare in his pursuit of becoming a top NFL draft pick.

Chuba Hubbard’s production this season has fallen well short of the brilliant numbers he posted in 2019. With one year of NCAA eligibility remaining, some have started to wonder how the running back should navigate his future.

The native of Sherwood Park, Alta. recorded 2,094 yards and 21 touchdowns on 328 carries last year — 6.4 yards per attempt. He led the country in rushing attempts, rushing yards, plays from scrimmage, and yards from scrimmage. He was named the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year and a finalist for the Doak Walker Award.

In 2020, Hubbard has carried the ball 125 times for 581 yards and five touchdowns in six games — 4.6 yards per attempt. Those numbers are respectable, but fall well short of what many expected when he chose to remain at Oklahoma State for his redshirt junior season.

Photo courtesy: T.C. Brewster/OSU Athletics

I’ve recently spoken with a number of CFL scouts and personnel experts regarding Hubbard’s future. Here’s what they had to say.

Should Chuba Hubbard remain at Oklahoma State for his redshirt senior season in 2021 to try to improve his NFL draft stock?

Tough question. Not too sure. He needs to fill out and add muscle. That’s the only reason he’s not a slam dunk (for the NFL) in my opinion.


He caught lightning in a bottle last year and should have come out. Bad decision. Good for him if he goes back (for his senior year) and lights it up again but that’ll just be another 300-plus carries of wear and tear.


No. He’s a (running back) with a ton of touches. He should come out. He’ll go pretty high (in the NFL draft) in my opinion.


He should only go back if he’s positive he can recreate 2019. That seems like a long-shot based on this year.


He should come out probably. I think he should declare (for the NFL draft) and get paid first-round money. Maybe second-round, but probably first.

Photo courtesy: Bruce Waterfield

Is Hubbard a surefire NFL talent or is there a chance we could see him in the CFL at some point?

Zero percent (chance he plays in the CFL). Maybe in three/four years if he flunks out of the NFL. So five percent, I should say.


I don’t think he can block well, so he’ll have to learn that in the NFL. If he can, it gives him a longer career down there.


If he stays healthy, we won’t see him (in the CFL). With his speed and productivity, he should play six/seven years (in the NFL) and make good money.


Drafting Hubbard would’ve been a wasted pick this year (in the 2020 CFL draft). He’s probably still a career NFL guy but there’s less risk taking him as a flier (in 2021).


I don’t think (he’ll play CFL). At worst he plays his (four-year NFL) rookie deal, bounces from teams getting mid-level contracts and calls it a career with a few million. At best he starts and dominates.

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