Petition to rename Edmonton arena after Joey Moss growing support

Photo courtesy: EE Football Team

Emil Tiedemann wants to honour the late Edmonton sports legend Joey Moss by renaming an arena after him.

Tiedemann, who is the creator of the @IHeartEdmonton Twitter account, started a petition for his initiative. It’s already nearing 6,000 signatures.

Joey Moss is an important figure in the Edmonton sports scene, a locker room attendant with both the Edmonton Oilers and the Edmonton Football Team. He was an advocate for those with Down Syndrome. He was even good friends with “The Great One” himself, Wayne Gretzky. Most importantly, he was a proud Edmontonian who made all of us proud of him. He passed away on October 26, 2020 at the age of 57. He deserves to have his name honoured somehow.

Thanks to an idea from @McOilers on Twitter, let’s get the City of Edmonton to rename the Downtown Community Arena as the Joey Moss Community Arena!


Moss passed away on Monday at age 57 after suffering a broken hip and developing Alzheimer’s. The Moss family hopes his legacy lives on with Edmonton’s sports teams and naming an arena after the beloved man would be one way to do it.

Photo courtesy: Dwayne Mandrusiak

The entire Edmonton Football Team and Canadian Football League were deeply saddened to learn of his passing. The CFL community has extended heartfelt condolences to the Moss family.

Edmonton’s pro football franchise paid tribute to Moss by replacing the team logo at midfield.