Football Canada launches e-sports national team

Photo courtesy: Football Canada

It’s been a big year for Football Canada in their continuing mission to grow the sport north of the 49th parallel.

Football Canadia is currently engaged in a National Football Summit with the Canadian Football League, Canadian Junior Football League and U Sports to create a unified plan for the game going forward. The national sporting organization is continuing its expansion into the virtual realm.

Football Canada unites stakeholders for national football summit

Following the completion of the first-ever Madden Canada Cup this summer, Football Canada has launched a national e-sports team known as Canadian Madden’s Finest.

Coached by AirKjax’s KJ Kenemy, the squad will consist of six of the best players from the Madden Canada Cup and compete in the 2020-2021 Madden Championship series. Events that are included in the series are the Madden NFL Club Championship, Football Canada plus AirKJax North American Open, Football Canada plus AirKjax Canadian Open, Football Canada’s 2021 Madden Canada Cup regional qualifiers and – if they qualify – the 2021 Madden Canada Cup.

“I’ve been an active member in the Canadian tackle football and flag community, as well as a fanatic of the Madden NFL Football games for upwards of 31 years. In that regard, combining two of my biggest passions together has been an avid dream of mine,” Kenemy said.

“The people and players involved and surrounding this team are accomplished and committed.”

Along with Kenemy, CMF consists of Swolosimo (Anthony), QcPlayerQc (Louis), 6ixSational (Nick), Prolific (Ethan), RedRockett (Bryan), and Mr Shmelly (Camden), who’s the junior player for CMF. More information on each member of the team can be found on the Football Canada website.

Football Canada reaches licensing agreement with Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football

As all Canadian football stakeholders try to engage a younger generation, a growing e-sports fan base presents a tantalizing opportunity. Canadian Madden’s Finest represents the next step to capitalize on that demographic.