Riders’ general manager Jeremy O’Day: ‘100 percent focused on having a season in 2021’

Screenshot courtesy: Saskatchewan Roughriders

Saskatchewan Roughriders’ general manager Jeremy O’Day states the CFL has a clear focus for next year.

After the three-down league cancelled its 2020 season, the mindset has been geared towards playing football when the calendar turns over.

“I can tell you that we’re 100 percent focused on having a season in 2021. That’s the goal of everyone involved is to try to have that season in 2021,” O’Day said on 980 CJME The Green Zone.

“That’s the focus of our league as Randy [Ambrosie] said. We’ve got very good people working at the league office that are going to try to look at all avenues of how we can accomplish that.”

O’Day stated it’s a complex situation and he has multiple blueprints ready for when personnel staff are provided direction on how to proceed for fielding teams in 2021. General managers don’t know when they’ll be able to sign players again or when free agency will happen.

“You have to plan for different scenarios and go through and look at budgeting for salary cap and the roster. You got a number of different scenarios that are being balanced all at once. There’s certain answers, obviously, that you’re going to need to know so that you can plan,” O’Day said.

“When those answers aren’t able to be given to you — and it’s not anyone’s fault of why you don’t have all those answers because there is just so many unknowns — you really have to look at different scenarios and make different plans for your salary cap, roster, coaching staff and football ops.”

Just like the other eight franchises, O’Day and the Riders are awaiting concrete operating procedures for 2021.