‘COVID and Ed Hervey resigning certainly weren’t in our business plan’: Lions’ president Rick LeLacheur

Screenshot courtesy: B.C. Lions

It takes a lot to rattle a seasoned football executive like Rick LeLacheur.

However, the B.C. Lions president was often at a loss for words when he joined TSN 1040 radio in Vancouver to discuss the surprise resignation of general manager Ed Hervey.

On Donnie and the Moj with guest host Rick Dhaliwal, LeLacheur couldn’t help but express his emotions when asked if he was as shocked by the news as everyone else was.

“Yeah… yeah. I guess after what we’ve been through this year you could say nothing shocks you but, yeah…” he said, trailing off at times. “It’s just been that type of year.”

Hervey, who had been the Lions’ general manager since December 2017, stepped down on Friday citing undisclosed personal reasons. LeLacheur refused to elaborate on the situation.

“I have never in my career, nor will I ever talk about personnel issues, but Ed chose to resign for personal reasons. Him and I talked about it for a little while going back,” he said. “COVID and Ed Hervey resigning certainly weren’t in our business plan going forward.”

West coast shocker: Ed Hervey steps down as Lions general manager

Despite the shocking news, LeLacheur isn’t concerned about the management of the organization.

“We are not a one dimensional organization by far. Rick Campbell has now been on the ground with us for eight or nine months and knows the personnel. Neil McEvoy has been here for a number of years and he knows the business side of football operations,” he explained.

“We met this morning and talked about how we are going to operate it.”

That is made slightly easier by the canceled CFL season. While scouts are on the road visiting a small number of NFL and NCAA teams, the Lions have a full roster with no pressing needs until 2021

“I’ve got a lot of confidence in Rick Campbell, Neil McEvoy, and our football personnel guys and we’ll carry on. Ed quarterbacked it all and now we’ll do it by committee for awhile,” LeLacheur emphasized.

When asked, the president shut down any talk of the club’s next general manager.

“We are not going to hire a GM right now,” he said emphatically. “Eventually, yeah. But I haven’t even thought about that yet because we are well looked after right now.”

LeLacheur had nothing but praise for Hervey’s tenure as GM. The two have worked together since their days with the Edmonton Football Team and LeLacheur wishes his colleague the best going forward.

“We go back a long ways and hopefully our friendship will continue for many more years,” he said.

The future of the Lions will depend heavily on the CFL’s plans for 2021. LeLacheur stated productive talks are ongoing and he’s insistent that the league must play to survive, but all of that depends on public health experts. When it comes to the future of the league and who will be selected leader of the Lions, LeLacheur couldn’t help but anxiously laugh when asked.

“Do you have a crystal ball?”

It would have taken one to see this news coming.