Group Chat: Bodog bets for Week 5 in the NFL

Photo courtesy: Rod Mar/Seattle Seahawks

Think of your most fun group chat with friends or family members and add in competition.

That’s what hitting winners, earning cash, and most importantly, claiming bragging rights with your buddies feel likes each week in the CFL or NFL. There isn’t any three-down football in 2020, but the NFL has put an entertaining product on the field amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

There’s no better way to stay safe from the coronavirus than putting down some money, watching football and boosting your status as the best game-picker within your group. Everyone thinks it’s them, whether the record backs the talk or not.

My 3DownNation brother from another mother likes to humble brag about his elite betting skills. His first on-the-record pick as members of #TeamBodog was a total flop — hopefully you faded John Hodge in Week 4 when he chose Houston to cover three and the hook against Minnesota.

The Vikings won 31-23 and Bill O’Brien was fired the Monday following the game. NFL head coaches be wary, Hodge might have your pink slip in his hand again in Week 5. Each week for the rest of the NFL season, my dude and I will #MakeAPlay on every game. Confidence could vary from one contest to the next, but the records are the real proof.

Hodge and I will #MakeAPlay for each game this NFL season as members of #TeamBodogJoin us for the entertainment at and see if you can beat us as we lay it on the line each week. Make-A-Play with our exclusive bonus code: use 3DownBodog to get a 100 percent bonus up to $200.

Week 5

Thursday Night Football
Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Chicago Bears
Line: Bucs -4
Total: 44 points
Dunk’s pick: BUCS. Philip Rivers easily covered a week ago, Tom Terrific can match.
Hodge’s pick: BEARS. Nick Foles isn’t good enough to win this game, but he’s good enough to cover.

Sunday 1 p.m. ET
Arizona Cardinals at New York Jets
Line: Cards -7
Total: 47 points
Dunk’s pick: CARDINALS. Betting on the corpse of Joe Flacco? No thanks. Plus there’s always a chance for a Chris Streveler moment.
Hodge’s pick: CARDINALS. It’s tough to pass up a seven-point home underdog, but the Jets are truly awful.

Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons
Line: Falcons -1.5
Total: 53.5 points
Dunk’s pick: FALCONS. Atlanta and Canadian-raised GM Tom Dimitroff are overdue for win No. 1 on the season.
Hodge’s pick: PANTHERS. Is there a more untrustworthy team in football than the Atlanta Falcons?

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens
Line: Ravens -13
Total: 51 points
Dunk’s pick: BENGALS. Joe Burrow has moxie and Cincy has been in every game so far.
Hodge’s pick: BENGALS. The Ravens will win this one, but I think the Bengals are good enough to cover in a high-scoring game.

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans
Line: Texans -6
Total: 54.5 points
Dunk’s pick: TEXANS. Deshaun Watson has been freed from Bill O’Brien.
Hodge’s pick: TEXANS. These teams both stink, but firing an unpopular coach should give Houston a temporary boost.

Las Vegas Raiders at Kansas City Chiefs
Line: Chiefs -13
Total: 56 points
Dunk’s pick: RAIDERS. Patrick Mahomes can cover two touchdowns in a hot minute, but division rivals know each other like brothers who have wrestled for years.
Hodge’s pick: RAIDERS. Just cover, baby.

Los Angeles Rams at Washington Football Team
Line: Rams -7.5
Total: 45 points
Dunk’s pick: WASHINGTON. Kyle Allen is better than you think.
Hodge’s pick: RAMS. Los Angeles has struggled out east but 7.5 points isn’t a lot given the talent discrepancy here.

Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers
Line: Steelers -7
Total: 44
Dunk’s pick: STEELERS. Carson Wentz has practice squad talent as top targets.
Hodge’s pick: STEELERS. I’m going to ride Chase Claypool and the Steelers until they let me down.

Sunday 4 p.m. ET
Indianapolis Colts at Cleveland Browns
Line: Colts -1.5
Total: 47 points
Dunk’s pick: BROWNS. Myles Garrett for NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Baker Mayfield has more explosive playmakers around him — see Odell Beckham Jr.’s run against Dallas.
Hodge’s pick: COLTS. We’ve seen some weird stuff in 2020, but the world isn’t ready for the 4-1 Cleveland Browns.

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys
Line: Cowboys -9.5
Total: 54 points
Dunk’s pick: COWBOYS. Baby got Dak… to cover.
Hodge’s pick: COWBOYS. Dallas has a lot to lose after last week’s humiliating home loss to Cleveland.

Sunday Night Football
Minnesota Vikings at Seattle Seahawks
Line: Seahawks -7
Total: 58 points
Dunk’s pick: VIKINGS. Following the value despite Kirk Cousins’ presence.
Hodge’s pick: SEAHAWKS. Russell Wilson has been spectacular so far this season. This pick seems like easy money.

Monday Night Football
Los Angeles Chargers at New Orleans Saints
Line: Saints -8
Total: 51 points
Dunk’s pick: CHARGERS. LA’s rookie QB has adjusted to the NFL speed quickly.
Hodge’s pick: CHARGERS. Justin Herbert might be 0-3 as a starter, but he’s good at keeping games close.

Justin Dunk is a football insider, sports reporter and anchor.