Veteran DL Craig Roh overcomes cancelled CFL season by launching book revealing pass rush secrets

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Toronto Argonauts’ defensive linemen Craig Roh has launched an e-book revealing pass rushing secrets of the pros.

“When the CFL season got pushed back a second time, I thought, maybe I should start thinking about another direction,” Roh said.

After Roh found out that the CFL season was going to be delayed, he started thinking about life outside of football. Not only would a cancelled CFL season prevent him from playing the game that he loves, but it would also be a huge hit to his livelihood.

So, what does a CFL player do when he thinks there isn’t going to be a season? Well, he thought writing a book might be a good idea.

“I thought that I’ve been a defensive lineman since I was in grade school and I have all of this knowledge in my head — why not help people achieve their goals by capturing it all in a book?” Roh said.

And that’s exactly what he did. The Pass Rush Bible gives players and coaches a step-by-step system to create top tier pass rushers and a lethal pass rush attack. It’s a digital, downloadable book that has embedded video examples throughout — making it completely one of a kind.

“I’m so proud of what I’ve created. Other than getting three sacks against Johnny Manziel in one game, this is probably my greatest football-related achievement,” Roh said with a laugh.

And others feel the same way, too.

Two-time Super Bowl champion defensive lineman David Tollefson said: “I’d put money on it. The best book on pass rushing ever written.”

Christianburg High School defensive coordinator Zach Leonard said: “Great resource, Craig has easily created the best resource for pass rushing I’ve ever seen.”

Super Bowl champion and five-time Pro Bowl defensive end Robert Mathis wants to check it out: “I cant wait to read this one. Craig Roh definitely knows his stuff!”

It’s undeniable that Roh has created an amazing resource for football coaches and players alike and one that he hopes can give hope to other CFL football players who weren’t able to play this season.

“The season being cancelled was horrible for both the players and fans, but when life gives you lemons — even really sour ones — you have to find a way to make some lemonade,” Roh said.

“I know a lot of other CFL players are trying to figure out how to support their families in this crazy time and I hope I can show a path for guys to do that.”

You can find all the details about purchasing the book here.