Canadian kicker Brett Lauther: ‘I know I can’ compete in the NFL

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Canadian kicker Brett Lauther has been preparing himself physically and mentally for an opportunity in the NFL.

The 29-year-old opted out of his contract with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in late August — it would have expired in February 2021 — in order to be ready if NFL teams come calling.

“It’s a void season and guys are opting out so I weighed all the pros and cons. Talked to family and friends. It wasn’t an impulse decision,” Lauther told The Chronicle Herald reporter George Myrer.

“I talked to our GM, had an hour conversation with our head coach and team president to make sure they all knew that this is why I was doing it and it didn’t have anything to do with the team. They all completely understood and said I would silly not to do it too.”

During two seasons with Saskatchewan, Lauther has made 86-of-101 field goals (85 percent) with a long of 57 yards. His best season in green and white came in 2018 when he hit on 54-of-60 field-goal attempts (90 per cent). For those efforts, Lauther was named a West Division all-star while being named Saskatchewan’s Most Outstanding Special Teams Player and Most Outstanding Canadian that year.

“I, like everyone else, has to adjust to what’s going on. I wish I was preparing to play in the CFL, but I have the attitude right now that I’m just training as if I am,” Lauther said.

“It sucks because I’m not actually playing and watching everyone else doing it. You’re not being paid and it’s a rough year for everyone. I’m just trying to keep my head up and keep grinding. I’ve been down this road before and trying to make the best of it.”

Regina native Jon Ryan encouraged Lauther to explore potential NFL chances. The 38-year-old spent twelve seasons in the NFL, ten with Seattle and was part of the Seahawks’ Super Bowl XLVIII winning team. Ryan believes all Lauther needs is an opportunity and he could realistically compete in the NFL as a kicker.

“If I didn’t believe, I don’t know why I would even being doing it,” Lauther said. “It starts with yourself and it’s not something I don’t just believe anymore it’s something I know I can do. For me, at this point, the hardest part is just getting the opportunity.”