Quebec university conference confirms sports resumption as of September 14

Photo courtesy: James Hajjar

The Reseau du sport etudiant du Quebec and its members in the elementary, high school, college and university sectors are relieved to reiterate premier Francois Legault’s announcement confirming the resumption of extracurricular activities and the practice of school sports as of September 14.

In connection with this announcement made on Friday, August 28, all RSEQ members are following the steps towards a coherent and common position. The elementary, high school, college and university sectors of the RSEQ concur with the premier’s desire to ensure a safe return to school for Quebec’s student population and have the goal of establishing a focus on health and safety among the 220,000 student-athletes in the RSEQ.

School sport is an integral part of the DNA of educational success for Quebec’s youth. Between now and September 14, adaptations can be made to all calendars while respecting the needs of each sector and each sport discipline.

The potential modifications to the calendars, for all the RSEQ’s sports disciplines, will be in accordance with Quebec’s public health directives and the recommendations of the Ministère de l’Éducation and the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur.

Every other Canadian university conference — AUS, Ontario University Athletics and Canada West — including the governing body, U Sports, cancelled fall sports in June due to the uncertainty of the coronavirus crisis. However, COVID-19 has not yet stopped the RSEQ’s attempt to have its student-athletes on the field amid the pandemic.