Alouettes veteran Martin Bedard: ‘CFL did this on purpose to have the season cancelled’

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Montreal Alouettes veteran Martin Bedard isn’t afraid to call it as he sees it.

The Als fullback and long snapper has been in the CFL since 2009 and seen the league go through many experiences. However, failing to put football on the field for an entire year was a first.

“I have the impression that the CFL did this on purpose to have the season cancelled. How can you stretch the negotiations so much and wait until July to make a ridiculous offer when you want to have a season?” Bedard told RDS reporter Didier Ormejuste.

“If the CFL had really wanted a season, it would have done things differently. It goes as far as hypocrisy and greed. How the CFL can be so successful, aim for a 10th team in the Maritimes and have a 180 degree different pitch. The CFL is in peril when the leaders did on purpose so that the season did not take place. It’s to take the population for idiots.”

The Canadian Elite Basketball League held a successful and safe summer series in St. Catharines, crowning a champion for 2020 — the Edmonton Stingers. Meanwhile, the Canadian Premier League is currently playing The Island Games in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. And the National Hockey League is in the midst of Stanley Cup playoffs in Toronto and Edmonton.

“It’s disappointing, but I also feel a bit of shame in the sense that we’re one of the few leagues that doesn’t have a season. You feel pride in wearing the jersey so when you see the other circuits doing it when we find ourselves not playing due to a lack of communication and transparency,” Toronto Argonauts kicker Boris Bede said.

Both Bedard and Bede believe commissioner Randy Ambrosie deserves blame for not playing games in 2020. Although, the two vets realize the commish has to answer to the owners and board of governors. After the Canadian federal government denied the league a $30 million interest-free loan, the BOG decided against accepting money with interest rates attached and owners funding the season.

“We agree that it’s pretty obvious that leadership in this league is rotten. Randy, his leadership is completely absent. It’s as if he despises the players, the workers who give their lives for this circuit. I find that deplorable,” Bedard said.

“The pandemic would have been a very good opportunity to prove that he was able to do the job and he was not able to do it. It frustrates me a lot.”