Rick Campbell believes Lions can ‘spring into action quickly’ if green light given for 2020 CFL season

Screenshot courtesy: B.C. Lions

B.C. Lions head coach Rick Campbell has his team ready to pounce on the opportunity to potentially play a shortened CFL season in 2020.

The league has left the nine franchises waiting at the three-down traffic light for a long time to see which signal comes next amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We have done a lot of homework though, as far as different scenarios, if we do get a green light, we’ll spring into action pretty quickly,” Campbell told TSN reporter Farhan Lalji on the three-letter network’s CFL 2020 show.

“We’ve made some plans as far as what could happen training camp wise and roster. We don’t know the exact details, but we have an idea enough to be able to go pretty quickly if we can get a green light.”

The potential moving target date for kick-off of the possible six-game schedule would be early October. However, there have already been four deadlines pass — July 23, which was shifted to July 24, July 31 and August 14 — without any final decision on whether the CFL will play or not.

“It’s been quite something different. Especially this last month of the emotions, one day things look optimistic, and then you’re not sure and you go through these waves of emotion,” Campbell said.

“I know it is for me and just talking to some players and other coaches, I think that’s the hardest part right now.”

The CFL Players’ Association has taken strides towards a coronavirus collective bargaining agreement with the league office. The CFLPA sent a memo to its union membership which stated progress was being made with the CFL.

Although, just like many across Canada and the United States, Campbell is awaiting final word whether teams will take the field this year.