Argos don’t want to play modified 2020 CFL season: report

Screenshot courtesy: Toronto Argos

The Toronto Argonauts want to keep the sails down amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sportsnet’s Arash Madani reports: Per CFL sources: The Toronto Argonauts are one of the franchises quite clear that they do not want to play the modified 2020 season. In addition to cost (and financial loss) being a central issue, they’re not on-board with the logistics involved in the bubble plan.

Further to this, sources tell me the Argos aren’t alone in not wanting to play a shortened 2020 CFL season with the bubble format. There were multiple teams not interested months ago and that’s still the case. The three community-run organizations definitely want it to go.

Positive Canadian government response to health protocols is an essential component of the assistance the league desperately needs to play games this year. There has been growing positivity the CFL could receive an interest-free loan from the feds valued at close to $30 million.

Winnipeg has tentatively been chosen as the league’s hub city — if a condensed campaign happens this year. The potential target date for kick-off of the possible six-game schedule would be October 1. However, there have already been three deadlines pass — July 23, which was shifted to July 24 and July 31 — without any final decision on whether the CFL will play or not.

Regardless, Toronto is against taking the field during the coronavirus crisis.