Alouettes QB Vernon Adams Jr. watching Canadiens ‘doing their thing’ while waiting for CFL decision

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Alouettes quarterback Vernon Adams Jr. has been checking out the Canadiens on the ice.

Adams Jr. saw Montreal’s beloved franchise win its Stanley Cup qualifier series three games to one over Pittsburgh.

“I have been watching hockey, and I see the Habs doing their thing and I love it. They got rejuvenated and they came and they’re doing their thing,” Adams Jr. said on TSN 690 radio in Montreal.

“When I was there near the end of the NHL season, when I came out for a mini-camp with the receivers in March, a lot of the sports people didn’t think the Habs were going to do it this year, but now I look at them and they came back.”

The Habs would not have made the post-season if they finished the regular 82-game schedule. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic postponed play, the NHL decided to allow 24 teams for its East and West hub city formats, which meant a shot at the playoffs for Montreal. Philadelphia is the next opponent in round one, the Flyers are the one seed in the Eastern Conference.

The NHL has flawlessly executed its return to play plan — there hasn’t been one single positive COVID-19 test result in either Toronto or Edmonton, the league’s two bubble cities. The CFL has been working on its blueprint for potentially conducting and completing a season amid the coronavirus crisis in 2020.

“Everybody wants to play as long as it’s safe. I know a lot goes in to it, government funding, CFLPA and CFL talks, but if you guys are going to set a deadline, let’s try to respect that. We’re players, we’re respecting it, we’re telling our families we should know by this Friday and now it’s pushed to next week,” Adams said.

“Majority of the players are frustrated. The biggest thing is us not being paid right now to be able to provide for our families. It’s been taking awhile, deadlines keep getting pushed back. All we can do is sit here and keep waiting. I was on the commissioner early and often on the Twitter, but that’s not going to help.”

While waiting for a decision from the Canadian Football League, Adams Jr. has gone from delivering pinpoint passes to takeout for Uber Eats. His completion percentage is now determined by how many bags of food he can safely place in the hands of customers. Adams Jr. can earn as much as $500 per day when he wants to bring home extra cash.

“Some guys got job opportunities that’s going to make really good money, but they don’t know if they should take it or not because they don’t know if they’re going to get the call to come to work,” Adams Jr. said.

The electric QB signed a three-year contract extension in January valued at $1.5 million dollars. He was set to make $435,000 in hard money in 2020. That is almost triple the estimated $150,000 he was paid in 2019. Adams Jr. did receive a six-figure signing bonus, reported at $165,000 by 3DownNation insider Justin Dunk, when he signed, but put it into post-career savings for his family’s future.

“I feel like I found my home in the CFL, here in Montreal. I feel like the competition up here is great, a lot of great athletes up here. The CFL has been around for 100 years, the XFL it’s the third time coming up,” Adams Jr. said.

“You just never know, although The Rock seems more trustworthy and he doesn’t seem like he takes too many losses and is a great dude period, but I am still going to stay up here in Canada.”

Montreal’s budding star also has ideas for the betterment of the three-down league moving forward. Most notable is shifting the season to start in March and end in September. Currently the CFL kicks off in June and finishes with the Grey Cup late November when snow is on the ground in most of the country.

“I was thinking Super Bowl ending in February — boom — March pick it up. But I have been hearing things like there’s NHL playoffs and that the weather is worse in certain places like Saskatchewan and Winnipeg in March,” Adams Jr. said.

“That’s what I was worried about, but I’m thinking more summer games and then you got the Grey Cup in September, great weather, fans are hot in summer clothes, drinking and having a good time.”

Adams Jr. wants the league to be around for a good time and a long time in Canada.