Bo Levi Mitchell: ‘2021 is best to attack and make sure that we have a great year’

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Bo knows how to read what’s going on around him and Calgary’s franchise quarterback believes focusing on 2021 would be prudent for the CFL.

Three deadlines have come and gone without the league making a decision regarding a shortened season amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s already well into August and the runway is running short on the league.

“If there is a season this year it’s going to be a lucky thing to have, I think all the players would be excited to have it, if it was run the right way,” Bo Levi Mitchell said on 620 CKRM radio in Regina.

“I just think 2021 is probably the best look and the best aspect to get your right foot forward and just kind of attack and make sure that we have a great year next year. Either way, whenever they try to put a football in my hands, I’m going to let it run.”

Winnipeg has tentatively been chosen as the league’s hub city if a condensed schedule happens this year. The league office has been steadfast all along: without financial support from the federal government games won’t be played in 2020. Commissioner Randy Ambrosie originally asked for up to $150 million and since the unprepared plea was made he’s taken a lot of shots.

“I gotta say, I think the criticism of Randy has been very magnified and some of it’s pretty unfair I would say. I don’t think the guys up top are in a very easy position to try to make sure that we can run a season or be ready for 2021 and whatever that looks like,” Mitchell said.

Ambrosie’s initial ask has been decreased as the discussions with the feds have gone along. It went down from $150 million to around $40 million and lowered again. There has been growing positivity that the league could receive an interest-free loan from the federal government, valued at around $30 million.

“I don’t know the financials of the CFL, that’s above my pay grade and honestly intelligence to know what’s going on with every second in the past 10 years and the future of it,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell has seen and heard the frustration from players across the league which largely pointed the blame at Ambrosie. The CFL Players’ Association continues to wait on concrete answers from the league office and Canadian government. Although, Mitchell feels the two sides need to work more cohesively.

“I think the players in the CFL, it’s something that we’ve gotta do to come together, if it’s going to be a league of our own, a league of us, it’s gotta be us on every decision, we’ve gotta take the credit and the blame together,” Mitchell said.

“I’m not a PA rep and I’ve never run for it, so I’m never going to criticize my guys because I think our guys do a very good job in representing us, our feelings and our thoughts on everything that’s been happening.”