Veteran Canadian Spencer Moore: ‘Don’t let the CFL spin the narrative anymore’

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Veteran Canadian fullback and ace special teamer Spencer Moore has had lots of experiences during his CFL career on and off the field.

Top of mind for Moore and many other players is the current relationship, or lack thereof, between the CFL and CFL Players’ Association. He provided his introspective view focused on what the COVID-19 crisis has revealed about the league in a series of Twitter posts.

From Moore’s feed:

One of the biggest aspects of this whole situation between us, the players/CFLPA, and our league (the CFL), is that now the general public is seeing how we are constantly treated. I’ve been a part of 2+ CBA negotiations and this is always how it is! This is not new!

Whenever a CBA negotiation comes up, we become the bad guys because the narrative is “we play a sport so we should be happy to make money to do so”. But! The fact is we have families and lives and as this is our profession we deserve to not be held in the balance.

I’ve seen it in every league. Whenever a CBA negotiation comes up, it’s always “well the players are greedy, they don’t realize they are LUCKY to play a sport for a living,” so we should be able to juice them for everything they are worth. Why aren’t people looking at owners.

Literal millionaires that sit there and view us as expendable. It starts at the top. I understand the financials of the CFL and that our owners aren’t making money like the other major leagues. But let’s stop pretending like they are in this outta the good of their hearts.

That’s not the case and the FACT that some teams books are closed (imperviable to audits from our CFLPA) shows that their is something to be gained from being an owner. Once again, I acknowledge the stress placed on our league because of COVID BUT, if you value us, TALK TO US.

If we don’t play a single down this year but the general public and OUR FANS finally see what we deal with whenever it comes to the negotiations of OUR CAREERS then that’s a success. All my CFLPA brothers want to play, but we want to be treated fairly and openly.

Don’t let them spin the narrative anymore. We are CURRENTLY watching two leagues play in the hub system successfully and again I understand the differences, but come on. Either we are playing or we aren’t. Our CFL leadership is silent but is quick to tweet/IG our brothers workin.

If nothing else comes from this I hope that our fan base, which in my opinion is the best in the world, sees just how devalued we ALWAYS are in any negotiation situation. I LOVE the CFL and my American brothers do to, yet here we are.

I have so many American friends now who love and value this league because it is important to them. And then it’s important to their families. And no surprise, it’s IMPORTANT to Canadian families across the country.

Whether you agree or not, the CFL is woven into our Canadian identity. It may be smaller or larger for some, but it is something that truly represents us and so many of our HUMANS that come from down south end up being ambassadors for our country.

I’ll refer to my tweet from almost 2 months ago; our impact in Canadian communities matters. I have Former/current American teammates who LOVE to be here because of their impact. Tell me that doesn’t matter. Take your narrow minded view elsewhere because I’ve seen it.

I love this league, I love what it’s done for me and my family, I love the family and friends I’ve made because of it, I love the impact on communities. Yeah sure, at the end of the day it’s football, but I play this game because of the relationships I’ve made and BUILT.

Moore clearly has a passion for Canadian football and wants what’s best for the CFL’s future, starting with respecting the players and building a partnership for long term success.