Winnipeg mayor Brian Bowman: No matter Edmonton’s new name ‘we’re still going to kick their ass’

While the CFL has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the biggest subjects of discussion has been the recent name change of the Edmonton Football Team.

The EE Football Team was formerly nicknamed the ‘Eskimos’.

One big proponent of the name change was Winnipeg mayor Brian Bowman, but he doesn’t believe a new moniker will change the green and gold’s chances when they come up against his beloved Bombers.

“Let’s also be clear,” Bowman told Sean Fitz-Gerald of The Athletic. “It doesn’t matter what their name is: We’re still going to kick their ass on the field.”

The comments came in a wonderfully in-depth article by Fitz-Gerald that discussed the name change and the variations of opinion within the Inuit community on the matter. Bowman, who is of Metis descent, was one of the first politicians to press the issue when he asked the team to change to something more “inclusive” before they met Winnipeg in the 2017 West Division semi-final. He is satisfied by the end result.

“I think they deserve a lot of credit,” Bowman said. “I think for all of the criticism that the team name had solicited over the years, I think all those who have called for the change should provide some appreciation to the team for doing the right thing, and going in the right direction.”

That necessary step on the “journey of reconciliation” earns Bowman’s applause, however when the newly branded team goes against Andrew Harris and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, he thinks it will provide little protection. The team was 2-0 against Edmonton last season and he doesn’t think that will change when play resumes in 2020 or 2021.

Winnipeg is slated to become the CFL’s hub city should an agreement to begin play be reached with the players and the federal government. That means Bowman is hoping to see a lot more of the Edmonton Football Team over the course of the coming months.