CFL leadership showing its ‘true character’ to players: Adrian Tracy

Photo Scott Grant /

Montreal Alouettes defensive lineman and motivational speaker Adrian Tracy condemned the CFL’s leadership for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic and player relations in an eloquent series of tweets.

“CFL, Board of Governors, Randy Ambrosie & respective owners … the TRUE character & nature of this group, has been put on full display. This behaviour has only been magnified due to COVID-19, but we as players know it all too well,” Tracy wrote.

“Hang your hats on whatever notion you choose for the current state of affairs. Those with discernment understand that privilege is the culprit. Until this is addressed, the league will remain stagnant. Embody the titles you hold & the RESPONSIBILITIES they require.”

Tracy finished with a nugget of homegrown wisdom.

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true. Mama ain’t raise no fool.”

It’s unclear what exactly Tracy believes to be true or what lie he is specifically criticizing, but the tweets are indicative of a growing frustration amongst the players with no end in sight to the current uncertainty around a potential 2020 season. Both sides are awaiting word on government support and do not appear close to reaching an amended collective bargaining agreement.

Monday, social media was once again filled with angry posts from players directed at league management and what they perceive as bias in the media coverage. That situation won’t change unless Randy Ambrosie dramatically alters his approach to player management.

The CFL needs leadership, not silence.