Saskatchewan Premier believes Riders have the best defence… against coronavirus

Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe never shies away from sending a friendly jab in the direction of CFL rivals.

He took to Twitter again on Thursday with an important public health message, featuring a CFL twist.

“When you are in places where physical distancing is difficult, wear a mask,” Moe tweeted to his followers, along with an image of him wearing a Saskatchewan Roughriders branded mask.

“While this hasn’t been scientifically proven, I choose to believe that a Rider mask provides a far better defence than, say, a Stampeder mask or a Bomber mask.”

He may still be a little sour at the Bombers after Winnipeg beat out Regina to be the tentative CFL hub city, despite Moe offering a competitive $3 million offer of provincial support to keep games in Saskatchewan.

Moe, a passionate Riders fan, made a bit of a stir earlier this offseason when he said Manitoba had opened field facilities earlier than his province because the Grey Cup Champion Bombers “need the practice.”

Thursday’s post was a bit of online CFL fun, but it was also an impactful political statement. This marked the first time the Premier was photographed wearing a mask and he has now openly called for their use.

Despite mounting evidence that mask-wearing has a dramatic effect on the amount of virus transmission, regulations regarding the face wear have become a political issue globally. By utilizing the Riders to rally support, Moe may help popularize the practice with more conservative Saskatchewan residents without losing support for his centre-right political party. That could have long term positive health consequences for the province and country.

If it takes insulting the Bombers and Stampeders to make that happen, then so be it.