Alouettes offensive lineman Tony Washington calls CFL return to play offer ‘BS’

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Montreal Alouettes offensive lineman Tony Washington feels the CFL’s shortened season proposal stinks.

The CFL presented a scenario for a six-game season which would see players self-isolate in quaratine for up to 105 days or 15 weeks in a hub concept for one-third of their base salary and performance bonuses.

Washington wrote on TwitterJust what I thought… CFL waited till the last min to give us a deadline to decide on a bull*hit return to play scenario and when we don’t agree its our fault! For rookie Americans 33% of 64K is 21K after taxes 14K after conversion to States 9K. That’s if you don’t spend a dime.

Listen! I want to have a season… it’s just reading about the pension, delays if we get injured we may have to wait to be treated, and yes, 33% is to low… 105 days isolated and getting my head beat in at practice and games just for 18K isn’t worth leaving jobs and family,” Washington stated.

Veteran Edmonton Eskimos defensive lineman Almondo Sewell responded: Boy I tell, you’re not making it home with 9K more like 3K and not guaranteed. I really hope y’all boys make the right decision. Think about this if you have a job, you’ll have to leave your job and if you get cut it’s not guaranteed and your *hit out of luck.

If I have to risk my life with this COVID-19 and stay in a hotel for about 105 days I want my money guaranteed and more than 33%, that’s a joke if y’all vote to play for this.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats all-star defensive back Delvin Breaux kept his feelings short and sweet, supporting what Washington saidLet ’em know.

The CFL Players’ Association was sent the conditions the league office would want the players union to agree to for a hub city model. Those conditions for play include an acceptable level of federal or provincial government financial support. The two sides have a deadline of July 23 to reach an agreement.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie stated the earliest the CFL might return to play is September due to COVID-19. The league had originally planned a for an eight-game season beginning in early September. However, the focus has since shifted to a six-game season with a later start, as time ticks down for a decision to be made.