Revised request: CFL asks Canadian government for $42.5 million with players letter of support

The Canadian Football League has revised its financial request from the Canadian government and the players supported the ask with a letter.

On May 7, commissioner Randy Ambrosie delivered a plea to the finance committee for $30 million in working capital to keep operating and estimated that the league could need as much as an additional $120 million over the next two years — if the most negative scenarios, all of them, come true.

Ambrosie stated at the time it was very challenging to be precise on what additional help the CFL might need because the COVID-19 pandemic created a world of uncertainty. Three months later, following detailed discussions with the CFL Players’ Association, both sides believe $42.5 million in financial aid is needed to cover player salaries and operating costs for a possible shortened season in 2020, according to Canadian Press reporter Dan Ralph.

“We continue discussions with the federal government including discussions on our possible return to play,” the CFL said in a statement.

Ralph reports: When Ambrosie spoke to the federal standing committee on finance in May, he was roundly criticized for failing to stipulate where the funds would go and not involving the CFLPA in the process. But the source said the revised proposal mirrors an authentic financial offer and contains more specific details than the original one did.

The league had originally planned a for an eight-game season beginning in early September. However, the focus has since shifted to a six-game season with a later start, as time ticks down for a decision to be made.

The CFLPA was sent the conditions the league office would want the players union to agree to for a hub city model. Those conditions for play include an acceptable level of federal or provincial government financial support. The two sides have a deadline of July 23rd to reach an agreement.