CFL denies Winnipeg has been chosen as hub city

The Canadian Football League has denied a report regarding Winnipeg being selected as the league’s hub city for a COVID-19 shortened season.

In a statement made to, the league responded to the report from Saskatchewan based broadcaster Rod Pedersen, well known for his passionate and controversial takes.

“No decision has been made about a hub city, nor a decision on the 2020 season,” the league said.

Despite the denials, TSN’s Dave Naylor believes that Pedersen was on the right track as to the league’s focus on Winnipeg but nothing has yet been confirmed.

“The CFL’s focus for return to play is indeed Winnipeg. Not a done deal, and still needs agreement with province, players, feds, and broadcaster (TSN). Lots of hurdles to clear still and lots could change,” Naylor wrote. 

Winnipeg Free Press reporter Jeff Hamilton echoed that sentiment.

“There is no guarantee Winnipeg will be the CFL hub city. There is no guarantee that there will be a 2020 season. Wade Miller wants three-down football played this year and he’s working for it to be here. But he needs to get a lot of people on his side for that to happen,” Hamilton wrote. 

If Winnipeg is chosen, Mayor Brian Bowman is fully behind the idea of “Winnerpeg” defending its title at home.

The league has opened the door to discussions with the CFLPA in the hopes of playing a 2020 season, but little has been decided with the clock ticking down on a July 23 deadline.