Canadian DL Fabion Foote alleges he ‘experienced a lot of systemic racism during time at McMaster’

Photo courtesy: McMaster Athletics

Canadian defensive lineman Fabion Foote has put forth serious claims and allegations about his time as a student athlete playing football at McMaster University.

Foote played four seasons for the Marauders prior to being selected in the second round of the 2017 CFL draft. The 26-year-old responded to a tweet from McMaster’s Athletics department regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and opened up about his experiences in a series of tweets.

“We still have work to do” LOL. Y’all never started sh*t to begin with. How about that? I’ve experienced a lot of systemic racism during my time at McMaster. Myself and other black student athletes brought it up and they brushed us off.

There was a meeting that was suppose to happen with about how black student athletes were being treated on the Football team at McMaster. They didn’t show up to the meeting. Our experiences didn’t matter to them. So McMaster please don’t pretend to care now.

My friend was in a group chat were a white athlete used the N word. My teammate reported it to the coaches and they some how managed to blame us for it.

It’s important to talk about this because after I left more black student-athletes experienced the same bullshit I had to go through. It takes a real toll on you mentally. They tried to silence us for too long but f**k all that. Enough is enough.

All these institutions want to make statements now ACTING as if they care about black people. If you really care FIRE the people in power at these institutions that neglected these matters before it became a trend in society.

Claire Arsenault was the only one in the McMaster Athletic department to give a damn about us. She organized the meeting for us with the Athletic directors but you know they had better things to do apparently.

If y’all knew how many of these messages I get from black student-athletes that went to McMaster after I graduated. It really makes me sick.

Black athletes hardly started at McMaster but somehow are the ones that end up having successful professional careers. McMaster is a trash place with a system in place for us to fail. Whenever we spoke up they tried to silence us by ignoring the issues we faced.

Foote was at McMaster from 2013 to 2016. He played 25 regular season games for the Marauders, recording 43 tackles, 13 tackles for loss and 6.5 sacks. The North York native was a key contributor to the 2014 Yates Cup-winning team.

3DownNation has contacted McMaster University and the school doesn’t yet have any comment on the allegations. However, the president David Farrar posted a public message on Thursday, June 25 outlining a number of initiatives the university is undertaking to urgently address persistent systemic institutional racism.