TSN unveils all-time Tiger-Cats roster

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/CFLPhotoArchive.com

In its third edition, TSN’s new show CFL 2020 has announced its all-time CFL roster for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

The all-time roster project began last week with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and will continue through each of the CFL’s nine franchises. Rosters feature one head coach, 12 offensive players, 12 defensive players, 3 special teamers, and an indeterminant number of foundational players that made a mark on the franchise. Each roster must feature at least seven national players and one current player, both numbers that the Tiger-Cats exceeded.

The official Hamilton roster was as follows:

*denotes National

Head Coach – Ralph Sazio (1963-67)

Quarterback – Bernie Faloney (1957-64)

Running Back – Troy Davis (2001-2005)

Running Back – Jimmy Edwards (1976-78)

Receiver – Earl Winfield (1987-1997)

Receiver – Rocky Dipietro (1978-91)*

Receiver – Tommy Grant (1956-68)*

Receiver – Darren Flutie (1998-2002)

Offensive Line – Bill Danychuk (1965-75)*

Offensive Line – Ellison Kelly (1960-70)

Offensive Line – Peter Neumann (1951-64)*

Offensive Line – Vince Scott (1949-50, 52-62)*

Offensive Line – Miles Gorrell (1985-91, 96)*

Defensive Line – Grover Covington (1981-91)

Defensive Line – Joe Montford (1996-2001, 02-03)

Defensive Line – John Barrow (1957-1970)

Defensive Line – Angelo Mosca (1958-59, 62-72)

Linebacker – Simoni Lawrence (2013-Present)

Linebacker – Ben Zambiasi (1978-1987)

Linebacker – Calvin Tiggle (1996-99)

Defensive Back – Garney Henley (1960-1975)

Defensive Back – Al Brenner (1971-74)

Defensive Back – Rob Hitchcock (1985-2006)*

Defensive Back – David Shaw (1975-82)

Defensive Back – Don Sutherin (1958, 60-66)

Placekicker – Paul Osbaldiston (1986-2003)*

Punter – Paul Osbaldiston (1986-2003)*

Special Teamer – Brandon Banks (2013-Present)

Foundational – Bernie Custis, QB (1951-54)

Foundational – Chuck Ealey, QB (1972-74)

The ferocious foursome of Covington, Montford, Barrow and “King Kong” Mosca highlight the team and may be the most dominant defensive line among the all-time rosters.

Reigning MOP Brandon Banks and franchise leading tackler Simoni Lawrence were the two modern players to earn a spot, while the Ticats foundational pieces were an appropriate nod to the current global moment in by honouring two trailblazing African-American quarterbacks.