Riders led CFL in tickets sold with over 29,000 per game during 2019 season

The Saskatchewan Roughriders held their 2019-2020 annual general meeting virtually on Wednesday, June 24.

Chief financial officer Kent Paul presented the financial report which featured the following details:

The Riders Football club reported a loss of $210,064 compared to a net profit of $1,467,062 last year.

Total operating revenues were $39.6 million in 2019-2020 compared to $40.4 million last year. The three major sources of revenue for the club were:

  • Gate receipts $17.1 million or 43 percent of total revenues
  • Sponsorship $7.3 million or 19 percent of total revenues
  • Merchandise $6.0 million or 15 percent of total revenues

Total operating expenses were $39.7 million in 2019-2020 compared to $40.4 million last year. Football operations continues to be the club’s largest expense at $13.5 million representing 34 percent of total expenses.

Saskatchewan lead the league in sold tickets at 29,297 per game and an average scanned attendance at 26,140 per game.

The Roughriders board of directors re-elected Barry Clarke, Rhonda Ekstrom and Rob Vanderhooft for another three-year term.

Continuing their terms on the board are Arnie Arnott, Eric Dillon, Mackenzie Firby, Terri Harris-Strunk, Doug Hodson, Dave Pettigrew and Greg Yuel.

Randy Beattie and Barry Clarke will remain in their respective titles as chair and vice-chair.