Players ‘extremely disappointed with the apparent lack of leadership’ from Randy Ambrosie: report

Player around the CFL aren’t happy with commissioner Randy Ambrosie, according to Global News reporter Jay Janower.

Janower was at the B.C. Lions facility on Tuesday.

“Players tell me they haven’t heard a peep from CFL Commissioner, extremely disappointed with the apparent lack of leadership, not to mention lack of input on starting season…was asked by a player if I could help him find a job…struggles are real for these guys,” Janower reported on Twitter

“This would’ve been week 3 in the CFL and players remain in the dark regarding the status of season, if there’s a season and if they’ll be paid…yes, no income for players and keep in mind the average guys don’t make serious dough…players are struggling financially.”

According to 3DownNation insider Justin Dunk: the amount of distrust created since Ambrosie has taken office is enough to fill every stadium in the league and it has many calling for new trustworthy leadership at the top.

On Thursday, June 11, CFLPA executive director Brian Ramsay called out commissioner Randy Ambrosie for not receiving concrete ideas regarding a collective agreement or about opportunities to get on the field this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The CFLPA let its union membership know collective bargaining discussions with the league have begun. From an association memo:

We have been formally invited to sit down with the CFL to — quote from the CFL’s letter — “join the CFLPRC in CBA negotiations to work with us on a COVID Recovery Plan that will deal with 2021 and beyond and also address collective agreement amendments that may be required should there be a shortened season in 2020.”

The league’s current CBA doesn’t expire until the end of the 2021 season, but there will need to be a modified document to accommodate a potential shortened 2020 campaign.

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