Veteran DL Adrian Tracy calls Randy Ambrosie ‘a clown’ and his statement ‘a bold face lie’

Photo Scott Grant /

Veteran Canadian Football League defensive lineman Adrian Tracy has made his feelings known about commissioner Randy Ambrosie.

After reading the open letter written by Ambrosie regarding the current state of the CFL amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Tracy doesn’t take any of it at face value.

“You know this is a BOLD face lie. We as a CFLPA had to approach the government under our own volition after you, Randy Ambrosie, fumbled the ask. When told by the government to include us in the future proposal, the CFL went ghost,” Tracy wrote on Twitter

“You are a clown, and the way the CFL is operating right now is a joke. I thought the owners were competent businessmen? Was this league built off principles or privilege?”

The 32-year-old pass rusher ended his statement using the hashtag: #silentnomore. He spent the first five seasons of his CFL career in Hamilton prior to signing with Montreal during free agency in February.

Tracy is known for going about his business in a quiet manner and it speaks volumes a soft spoken player has called out the commissioner.