CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie presents to Ontario standing committee on finance and economic affairs

Canadian Football League Commissioner Randy Ambrosie presented to the Ontario standing committee on finance and economic affairs Thursday morning.

According to The Canadian Press Ambrosie stated:

“We know COVID-19 has affected almost every business in some way, and we sympathize with our fellow Ontarians and Canadians. For us at the CFL, it’s hard to imagine many businesses that have been affected more directly or for whom the negative impact may be more long lasting,” Ambrosie said in his opening statement.

“The owners, of course, continue to fund the teams’ operation. We have expenses that don’t go away just because your revenue goes away. We have to pay staff, we continue our planning process. In fact even in the crisis, trying to figure out how we might return to play and how we get our teams back on the field is an enormous task and requires a great many people and the teams continue to fund all of those activities.”

On May 7, Ambrosie delivered a plea to the Canadian federal government for up to $150 million the three-down league could need due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Later in May, Ambrosie stated the earliest the CFL might return to play — for a shortened season — is September.

Of course, a final decision on whether that will indeed happen depends on what governments tell the league is safe for players and fans.

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