Manitoba business sending ‘protective’ Bombers gear to Saskatchewan

Photo courtesy: All-Net

A Manitoba company — All-Net Municipal Solutions — has decided to help rural communities across Saskatchewan by providing them with equipment to assist with physical distancing efforts.

All-Net is a software company located in Winnipeg with clients across Saskatchewan. The equipment is being distributed free of charge to municipal government offices.

“We truly value our Saskatchewan clients and want to ensure we can do all we can to assist them in these trying times,” Vern Sabeski, managing partner of All-Net, said.

All-Net is sending out protective equipment to 50 communities this week with plans to assist others if needed.

Each municipal office will receive their very own Winnipeg Blue Bombers t-shirt and they are asked to wear it everywhere in public.

“We are also encouraging all Saskatchewan residents to wear as much Bomber gear as possible. We are all in this together,” Sabeski said.

Wearing Bomber gear has proven to be an effective way for people to maintain a safe distance from others in Saskatchewan.

The other option available to Saskatchewan residents is to wear Riders gear,” Sabeski said

“However, this approach still carries a one in 10 chance of catching something.”

Editor’s note: the story was originally published in the Assiniboia Times and was provided to 3DownNation with proper permission.