Bo Levi Mitchell wants the CFL, CFLPA to stop acting like Democrats and Republicans

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Bo Levi Mitchell wants to see unity between the Canadian Football League and its players’ association.

The Calgary Stampeders’ franchise quarterback believes inclusiveness could benefit the CFL compared to the divisiveness between the two largest political parties in the United States.

“I would just love to see the CFL and the CFLPA act more like a unit rather than Democrats and Republicans. We have to disagree on every subject,” Mitchell told 770 CHQR.

“I would just like to see us all come together as a whole and make it the best we possibly can instead of thinking about ourselves every time. Or how much money are they making compared to how much money are we making.”

CFL Players’ Association executive director Brian Ramsay called out commissioner Randy Ambrosie for failing to generate or communicate detailed strategies to get on the field in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The CFLPA has filed a grievance against the league and are preparing for collective bargaining negotiations with the CFL. Mitchell feels the union is communicating effectively among its membership.

“I think our PA [reps] Jamar Wall and [Rob] Maver do a really, really good job of keeping us in the loop the moment they have information. J-Wall, he’s going to tell you the blunt, honest truth and how things are,” Mitchell said.

If there is no season in 2020, it’s estimated the CFL could lose approximately $100 million. Ambrosie has stated the earliest the CFL might return to play – for a shortened but meaningful season – is September. Of course, a final decision on whether that will happen depends on how medical and government officials respond to whatever final plan is developed.

“We’re all wondering what’s going on,” Mitchell said. “Just come together on decisions and how can we make this happen and make it such a great year for our fans.”