The CFL Players’ Association COVID-19 season survey

Photo courtesy: CFLPA

The CFL Players’ Association sent out a survey to its membership with 12 questions pertaining to the potential 2020 season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

By design the CFLPA executive team is gathering answers from players which can provide the preferred direction of the group.

Take a look at the questions each player will answer themselves:

1. Please select your on-field position:

2. Please select your years of service with the CFLPA/CFL:

3. Please identify your anticipated 2020 salary range:

4. How willing are you to play a shortened season beginning in September?

5. How willing are you to play games on “short weeks” (rest between games of less than 5 days)?

6. What is the minimum salary that you would play for?

7. If you currently have bonuses in your contract, what is the minimum expectation you would want to secure?

8. Would you being willing to commit to a hub city model for the length of the season without the ability to travel in and out?

9. How willing are you to live in a dormitory without any in-person family contact for 12 weeks?

10. If you are prepared to commit to a Hub City model, how long would you be willing to commit for?

11. Which is more important to you?

12. Please use the space below to provide any/all thoughts you feel are relevant to this line of inquiry on behalf of yourself, or fellow CFLPA members.

The CFLPA has not received concrete ideas regarding a 2020 collective agreement from the CFL, as promised, nor concrete direction about opportunities for a season this year, according to executive director Brian Ramsay. However, the union is preparing for the possibility of discussions taking place with league to properly represent the players.

Justin Dunk is a football insider, sports reporter and anchor.