Trevor Harris effortlessly pulls fire truck in shocking training video

Photo courtesy: Alex Lupul/

The Edmonton Eskimos tweeted out a shocking video on Friday morning that features franchise quarterback Trevor Harris. The passer is seen effortlessly pulling a fire truck while training at the Fort Morrow Fire Department in Waldo, Ohio.

Well, sort of.

CFL players have been forced to train in new, creative ways due to COVID-19 health restrictions. Adam Bighill pulled a dump truck with a full trainer, Lucky Whitehead pulled a semi-truck, and Jakub Szott used his father’s construction materials on the squat rack.

“Bighill, Lucky Whitehead, I saw y’all pulling trucks,” says Harris in the video. “I wanted to show that quarterbacks are strong and explosive, too.”

He then takes off at a gallop with a thick chain wrapped around his waist. As he begins running, it is revealed that the chain is connected to a miniature toy fire truck that was hidden under the full-sized truck shown at the start of the video.

We’re all looking for levity in today’s challenging world. Between the health pandemic, an economic downturn, and the delay (and possible cancellation) of the 2020 CFL season, football fans are in need of laughter.

Harris provided that brilliantly on Friday. Full marks for creativity and entertainment. Bravo.