Riders legend Darian Durant wants media or CFL executive role

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/CFLPhotoArchive.com

Saskatchewan Roughriders legendary quarterback Darian Durant wants to be dissecting CFL football again whether in a media or scout role.

Durant played his final season in 2017 and he’s been living in Toronto ever since.

“I would love to get in the front office to deal with personnel. I’d be great at understanding how to build a team, where to start and go from there. In some capacity I will be back in football soon and I’m looking forward to it,” Durant said on The Rod Pedersen Show.

“I’d love to get on that side of things and be able to breakdown the game for the viewers at home, on the radio, however it may be. I feel like I have a lot to offer from my perspective, the way I see the game from a quarterback’s point of view and just being around the locker room knowing how the guys think, I could definitely be able to relay that to the normal viewer.”

Durant has 12 years of playing experience, 11 with the Riders. He threw for 31,740 yards with 167 touchdowns against 115 interceptions in 174 games, 128 starts. He currently sits 14th all-time in league passing yards. Durant played in three Grey Cup games with the green and white, winning the 101st edition in Regina to end the 2013 season.

“Saskatchewan is the closest to a U.S. football city feel that you’re going to get in the CFL. That’s what made it so special, knowing each and every game you’re going to get a sold out crowd. Each and every road game you’re going to get thousands of Rider fans supporting from all over. The passion of Rider fans made it so special,” Durant said.

After a contract dispute with Chris Jones, Durant was traded to the Montreal Alouettes for two CFL draft picks in January 2017. He struggled with the Als winning just three times in 15 starts and throwing 16 interceptions against 15 touchdowns. Even though at the time Durant felt ready to leave Saskatchewan due to the monetary differences with Jones, he admitted it wasn’t the right move.

“When you’re in the heat of the moment you don’t understand it, you’re still a competitor, you want everything to go your way,” Durant said.

“Looking back I understand there comes a time when you have to let a 34-plus year old quarterback go and look for the next guy. Sometimes it’s better to stay where the grass is greener.”

No. 4 will always be remembered as a Rider. The prairies are where Durant burst onto the CFL scene and developed into a franchise quarterback for Saskatchewan’s beloved franchise. Durant is Riders living legend and wants to officially retire with the green and white.

“That’s in the plans, one day. We’re talking about that, all of my guys, [John] Chick, [Weston] Dressler a couple of the other guys that I speak to, none of us have made it final with the Riders yet,” Durant said.

“It’s definitely something we would like to do one day in the future.”