Hub city concept ‘sounds good’: Regina mayor Michael Fougere

Regina mayor Michael Fougere is a fan of his city being a hub for the CFL.

“I think it would be good for morale for the city and for the province, I think it would be great. But there’s lots of answers that need to be given to us first,” Fougere told CTV Regina reporter Claire Hanna.

For any sports including the CFL to play in a hub city model, strict guidelines would have to be followed. According to Sportsnet reporter Arash MadaniWhat got the CFL committee’s interest spiked was Dr. Lawrence Steinman’s suggestion of a particular antibody test that is FDA-registered and takes only 15 minutes to provide a result. Stringent testing would help create a safe inner bubble.

“If the chief medical officer okays this kind of an event, and if we can meet those qualifications, if we have the financial support that’s required, what would it look like? We don’t know that yet, but in general terms, in concept, it sounds good,” Fougere said.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie stated the earliest the CFL might return to play – for a shortened but meaningful season – is September due to COVID-19. Regina and Winnipeg, which have the lowest case counts in cities with CFL teams, are being considered as bubble homes for the league.

“I know the Riders have been having some discussions to a degree with the CFL, but there’s been no discussion with the city of our support for that or the capacity to do that,” Fougere said.

“Capacity for hotels and other accommodations would be things we need to talk about. What support is required or would be asked for by the province and the city.”