Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe takes shot at Winnipeg: ‘The Blue Bombers need the practice’

Even though we don’t know when CFL football will be played, if at all in 2020, Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe is bringing the trash talk and keeping the prairie rivalry heated.

Moe was asked about Manitoba allowing its pro sports franchises to begin training and practising at team facilities and delivered a shot at Winnipeg.

“I would first and foremost say that the Blue Bombers need the practice, quite frankly,” Moe said.

“Our Saskatchewan Roughriders, like the Blue Bombers, if they were to start requesting to practice they would be able to do that as that is their workplace.” 

Perhaps Moe is forgetting the Bombers upset the Riders in the West Final and went on to win the 2019 Grey Cup. However, the green and white did win the regular season series 2-1 and captured first place in the West Division at 13-5.

Moe stated his office would be more than willing to work with the Riders organization on putting together a plan for training and potential practices to occur. Saskatchewan’s chief medical health officer Dr. Shahab would help with the process amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“However, in doing so, the expectation would be that the Roughriders organization would take every precaution to keep not only the players safe, but those in and around the team safe and associated with the team,” Moe said.

“In fact, we’ve had discussions with the Roughriders organization about the league in general and what opportunities there are for this type of preliminary practices to begin. And we’d be open to additional discussions as well through our chief medical of health officer.”

If the CFL does crown a champion in 2020, the host of the 108th Grey Cup Game will be determined by a “win and host’ model. The team that qualifies for the Grey Cup and has a superior regular season record compared to its opponent will have the game on home turf. That gives all nine CFL teams a shot at hosting in an unprecedented year.

“If the Saskatchewan Roughriders would be able to ultimately be the winner that would host the Grey Cup this year, in that event we would actually have the opportunity to host the Grey Cup here yet this year, and host it twice in three years,” Moe said.

“So there may be an opportunity for us yet — there’s still a chance.”

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