CFL Players’ Association holds meeting with Canadian MPs, including Kevin Waugh

The Canadian Football League Players’ Association has officially entered the fray in the push for federal government relief due to COVID-19.

After commissioner Randy Ambrosie failed to properly represent the players during his presentation to the standing committee on finance, Conservative Member of Parliament Kevin Waugh called him out.

“I was surprised because there was no proposal when you brought this forward last month to the federal government, you didn’t bring the players’ association on board. It was almost a proposal by Randy Ambrosie himself,” Waugh said.

The Saskatoon native admitted his love for CFL football and has since followed up on his comments about the lack of players’ union involvement by holding a meeting with the CFL’s pro athletes, along with fellow MPs Blake Richards and Steven Blaney, regarding the league’s bailout ask.

During Ambrosie’s plea for up to $150 million in coronavirus financial aid, he asked for $30 million in working capital to maintain operations through the crisis and estimated the league could need as much as an additional $120 million over the next two years — if the most negative scenarios, all of them, come true.

CFLPA president Solomon Elimimian sent a memo to all of the membership stating the agreement to resume regular meetings with the CFL to navigate issues related to the COVID-19 health crisis. Following being scolded by multiple MPs, Ambrosie had his first communication with the players’ association in nearly one month.

“We’re all in this together and I don’t think that was articulated the best way by the commissioner,” Elimimian said.

“It’s important that we put aside whatever differences we have to navigate a path forward together. We understand we are stronger together and I think the league understands that.”