How the 2020 NFL Draft will impact the upcoming season

With the 2020 NFL draft growing smaller in our rearview mirror, many hopes have sprung alive for the likes of Dolphins fans, Bengals fans, Chargers fans … and well, fans for darn near every team. That’s just what the draft does. It allows you to daydream about how good your team might become.

But no draft pick will change the dislodge the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens of the top on the odds boards at

Joe Burrow went No. 1 overall, but that doesn’t mean the Bengals are going to win it all, let alone their division, or even go .500. They are still ranked way back at No. 28 on the odds boards in Vegas. That said, with Joe Burrow on board and Tee Higgins, they snatched a couple of elite offensive weapons to build around. They also addressed the future of their defence by taking Logan Wilson along with two other linebackers and an EDGE rusher.

They did a great job in this year’s draft. Most agree that they getting A for their draft grade. So, although they will still probably suck in 2020, Bengal fans now have something to look forward to over the next couple of years as this team rebuilds.

The Dolphins are probably the team that will see the most immediate impact from the draftThey get an NFL-ready Tua Tagovailoa and a top-rated offensive tackle from USC. Five picks in the first two rounds will have the Miami Dolphins instantly being a better team in 2020. Of course, the pesky Patriots are going to be diminished without Tom Terrific, so they really only have the Buffalo Bills standing in their way now. That said, the Patriots managed to load up with 10 picks this season. However, most don’t think they did a very good job. It was a crummy draft up in Foxboro … despite all those picks.

Another team that could be instantly better after April of 2020 is the Las Vegas Raiders. Their biggest issue last season was … well, defense. But they didn’t have reliable targets downfield. They solved that by taking Henry Ruggs from Alabama. That said, it’s a strange pick. Jerry Jeudy was still on the board … so why take Rugg? I still think Rugg will make an instant impact, but Jeudy could have been a franchise guy. So, they got a weapon they needed … but honestly, their draft decisions sucked. Damon Arnette, although a solid corner … and we knew the Raiders would go after help on the outside, was 3rd-round material … so taking him 19th is baffling. There were much better CBs on the boards. They did save the raft to some extent by snatching up Bryan Edwards, he and Ruggs should make a good one-two punch combo. But …Muse … another WTF moment. Still, having a pair of talented WRs to add depth and give Carr open bodies downfield will make the Raiders better in 2020.

The Cardinals were a mess, have been a mess, and sometimes seem like always will be a mess. But they have Kyler Murray and Brett Hundley as a backup and they addressed some of their defensive concerns by taking one of the best in the NCAA in Isaiah Simmons from Clemson. This was great for the Cards and will make an immediate impact next season. Nobody expected Simmons to be available after 7 picks. They may have had the luckiest draft of the bunch. Josh Jones fell to the second round … nobody saw that coming either and the Arizona Cardinals were able to snag a future-Pro Bowl quality OT from the University of Houston. So, the Cardinals made moves in the draft to pick up Deandre Hopkins from the Texans, so now they have one of the best wideouts in the league for Murray to chuck the ball to and a defensive centerpiece.

All in all, the Chiefs, the Ravens, the 49ers, and the Saints are still the best teams in the league. But the Cardinals may suddenly be back in the mix in the NFC West and give the Niners, Seahawks, and Rams a bit of a challenge in 2020.