Coach’s Cause raising money for Food Banks Canada

Photo courtesy: Football Canada

Football Canada has partnered with Coach’s Cause, a grassroots fundraising movement started by university football coaches across Canada to directly assist Food Banks Canada during the coronavirus pandemic.

Coach’s Cause directly supports Canadian food banks and food security, by contributing a minimum $10 in the name of a coach who has inspired you or provided mentorship in your life. Your donation can honour a coach from any sport who had a positive impact. Donors can then follow Coach’s Cause on social media where the stories of these difference-making individuals are told.

Past and present university coaches have long taken a leadership role in the advocacy and values associated with the development of football in Canada. This was the inspiration for the founder of the effort, University of British Columbia Thunderbirds head coach Blake Nill.

“This started when I reflected on my good fortune for the mentorship I’ve received my entire life and for my association with other coaches in my profession. Many of them the most impactful people I know,” Nill said.

“Coaches associated with university football have stepped forward in this small effort to try and ease the burdens many have recently incurred. Hopefully others will see this as an indication that they themselves can be more active in supporting one another through the pandemic.”

Nill networked with university coaches from across the country and with Football Canada to get the effort started. According to Football Canada president Jim Mullin, supporting the effort was a natural fit.

“When Blake started to discuss this idea with me, I thought it was an outstanding way for our Canadian football community to work together on a common goal during the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic,” Mullin said.

“It’s our hope that we connect those who have been positively affected by coaches throughout the game including junior, high school and community football. One of the most inspirational elements of this fundraising effort is that it is not just limited to football. Any coach in any sport in Canada can be honoured, helping out an essential service.”