Every Canadian player ever selected in the NFL draft

Since 1966 — the start date of the Super Bowl Era — there have been 61 players from north of the border selected in the NFL draft.

At least one Canadian has been chosen in the NFL draft from 2011 to 2019, the longest-ever streak — nine years — for our home and native land. It definitely will continue in 2020.

Receiver Chase Claypool and defensive lineman Neville Gallimore are surefire NFL draft picks and three others — quarterback Nathan Rourke, offensive lineman Carter O’Donnell and defensive lineman Michael Hoecht — could hear their names called in the later rounds.

Below is the comprehensive list of all the Canadian players who have ever been drafted in the NFL.

N’Keal Harry, REC, Arizona State
2019, 1st round, NE
Nathan Shepherd, DL, Fort Hays State
2018, 3rd round, NYJ
Justin Senior, OL, Mississippi State
2017, 6th round, SEA
David Onyemata, DL, Manitoba
2016, 4th Round, NO
Christian Covington, DL, Rice
2015, 6th round, HOU
Brent Urban, DL, Virginia
2014, 4th round, BAL
John Urschel, OL, Penn St.
2014, 5th round, BAL
T.J. Jones, WR, Notre Dame
2014, 6th round, DET
Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, OL, McGill
2014, 6th round, KC
Luke Willson, TE, Rice
2013, 5th round, SEA
Tyrone Crawford, DL, Boise St.
2012, 3rd round, DAL
Philip Blake, OL, Baylor
2012, 4th round, DEN
Christo Bilukidi, DL, Georgia St.
2012, 6th round, OAK
Danny Watkins, OL, Baylor
2011, 1st round, PHI
Orlando Franklin, OL, Miami
2011, 2nd round, DEN
Vaughn Martin, DL, Western
2009, 4th round, SD
Austin Collie, WR, BYU
2009, 4th round, IND
Nick Kaczur, OL, Toledo
2005, 3rd round, NE
O.J. Atogwe, DB, Stanford
2005, 3rd round, STL
Jason David, DB, Washington St.
2004, 4th round, IND
Teyo Johnson, TE, Stanford
2003, 2nd round, OAK
Nate Burleson, WR, Nevada
2003, 3rd round, MIN
Jesse Palmer, QB, Florida
2001, 4th round, NYG
Randy Chevrier, DL, McGill
2001, 7th round, JAX
Rob Meier, DL, Washington St.
2000, 7th round, JAX
Jerome Pathon, WR, Acadia/Washington
1998, 2nd round, IND
O.J. Santiago, TE, Kent St.
1997, 3rd round, ATL
Tim Biakabutuka, RB, Michigan
1996, 1st round, CAR
Andrew Greene, OL, Indiana
1995, 2nd round, MIA
Phil Yeboah-Kodie, LB, Penn St.
1995, 5th round, DEN
Mark Montreuil, DB, Concordia
1995, 7th round, SD
Mitch Berger, P, Colorado
1994, 6th round, PHI
Tom Nutten, OL, Western Michigan
1992, 7th round, STL
Tyrone Williams, WR, Western
1992, 9th round, ARI
Klaus Wilmsmeyer, P, Louisville
1992, 12th round, SF
Mohammed Elewonibi, OL, BYU
1990, 3rd round, WAS
Ian Beckles, OL, Indiana
1990, 5th round, TB
Bill Hitchcock, OL, Purdue
1990, 8th round, SEA
Tony Mandarich, OL, Michigan St.
1989, 1st round, GB
Tommy Kane, WR, Syracuse
1988, 3rd round, SEA
Brian Forde, LB, Washington St.
1988, 7th round, NO
Larry Clarkson, OL, Montana
1988, 8th round, SF
Mike Schad, OL, Queen’s
1986, 1st round, STL
Markus Koch, DL, Boise St.
1986, 2nd round, WAS
Rueben Mayes, RB, Washington St.
1986, 3rd round, NO
Mark Rypien, QB, Washington St.
1986, 6th round, WAS
Michel Bourgeau, DL, Boise St.
1984, 11th round, NO
Jim Mills, OL, Hawaii
1983, 9th round, BAC
Chris Schultz, OL, Arizona
1983, 7th round, DAL
Luc Tousignant, QB, Fairmont St.
1982, 8th round, BUF
Dan Feraday, QB, Toronto
1982, 12th round, CIN
Justin Cross, OL, West St. (CO)
1981, 10th round, BUF
Allan Kennedy, OL, Washington St.
1981, 10th round, WAS
Eddie Murray, P/K, Tulane
1980, 7th round, DET
John Priestner, LB, Western
1979, 11th round, BAC
Brian Fryer, WR, Alberta
1976, 8th round, WAS
Art Kuehn, OL, San Jose St.
1975, 15th round, WAS
Eric Guthrie, QB/K, Boise St.
1972, 14th round, SF
Roy Gerela, K, New Mexico St.
1969, 4th round, HOO
Wayne Stewart, TE, California
1969, 15th round, NYJ
Gary Pettigrew, DL, Stanford
1966, 2nd round, PHI
Justin Dunk is a football insider, sports reporter and anchor.