Open mind: CFL commish Randy Ambrosie less hardened on 2020 Grey Cup date

Canadian Football League commissioner Randy Ambrosie has changed his stance on the set date for Grey Cup 2020 scheduled for November 22 in Regina.

“When all of this really started to intensify three weeks ago, we all had a very different view of the world, it’s amazing how much can change in three short weeks time. Today perhaps I would say I’m more inclined to having an open mind,” Ambrosie said on TSN 1040 radio in Vancouver.

The 2020 CFL regular season was scheduled to kick-off on Thursday, June 11, but  Ambrosie has stated the 2020 CFL season won’t start before the beginning of July. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ambrosie said the plan was to keep the CFL championship game on schedule, but since then the leader of the league office has shifted his thinking. 

“We are having to keep an open mind to all of the possibilities because we just don’t know. So I’m a little less hardened today around the specifics of what might or might not happen because I think we’ve found our way to a lot of humility,” Ambrosie said.

Ambrosie, the players, and league partners have been deliberating how many games would constitute a legitimate season in the lead up to the Grey Cup playoffs, but with the unknown of the coronavirus what-if scenarios remain fluid for the CFL.