Thief acknowledges stealing Bo Levi Mitchell’s rings, but doesn’t know where they are

Photo courtesy: Scott Grant/

Jared Lee Douville told the truth and fessed up to stealing Bo Levi Mitchell’s rings, but he doesn’t know where they are, according to Calgary Sun reporter Kevin Martin.

Mitchell’s truck was parked in a Canadian Tire parking lot at the 3500 block of 8th Avenue N.E. in Calgary on January 2. Douville grabbed the rings, valued over $20,000, from Mitchell’s unlocked vehicle. Judge William Cummings sentenced Douville to 30 days of jail time which has been served.

“That is a ring that comes, of course, with considerable hard work, dedication both throughout the course of the season, but indeed leading up to that,” Cummings said.

Mitchell’s 2018 Grey Cup championship and Most Outstanding Player rings whereabouts remain unknown. Even though punishment has been handed out to Douville, it didn’t result in the rings being returned to Mitchell, yet.