Lions’ GM Ed Hervey: coach Travis Brown ‘feeling good’ after battle with coronavirus

Screenshot courtesy: B.C. Lions

B.C. Lions general manager Ed Hervey delivered good news regarding linebackers coach Travis Brown and his battle with the coronavirus.

“According to him, he’s feeling good, and feeling better, and he’s on the other end of it, we’re thankful to know that. Travis is doing well. Listening to him talk on the phone, he sounds like he’s back to doing his regular routine and excited about just doing the football work,” Hervey said on TSN 1040 radio in Vancouver.

“I know that had to be scary for him, just in conversations I had with him early on. It was different because it was such and unknown virus. No one knew what path it would take on each individual, and I’m sure it concerned him.”

His mother Mindy Brown originally shared the news on Facebook. She wrote in part: On March 14th, Travis’ condition was so scary that he was taken by ambulance to Clovis Community Hospital, which is staged and ready to combat the virus. 

Travis was released from the ER later that day and told to self-quarantine until they received his test results. He had already strictly isolated himself though, because his sickness felt different than any flu or cold he’d ever experienced.

It has been over a week people, and we still have our fingers ready to hit the 911 button because this thing is a MONSTER! I knew we were screwed when Travis wouldn’t even step outside to get our care packages until we were tucked safely in our vehicles driving away.
Travis and I felt it was our duty to share this information with you because many of you are not taking this seriously.

“It’s one of those examples to show you how close to home this hits, a month and a half ago it’s a world away, you look at it a month ago, it’s in North America and then a couple weeks later, it’s in your building,” Hervey said.

Brown was hired by the Lions for the 2020 season. Prior to being brought on by B.C. head coach Rick Campbell, Brown spent two years as the Edmonton Eskimos’ linebackers coach. His coaching career began at his alma mater of Fresno State University as defensive quality control and linebackers coach.

Brown has recently been participating in the Lions’ CFL Draft preparations, it’s scheduled to proceed as planned April 30. However, training camp was postponed and the start of the CFL season has been delayed. Commissioner Randy Ambrosie stated the league won’t start before the beginning of July due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At this point, the first thing is to recognize that we have a serious pandemic out there, and people’s lives are being impacted in more ways than just sports and financial, but it’s life and death,” Hervey said.

“The first thing is for us to get this under control before we can even consider getting back to work and some of the stuff that we take for granted, which is our day to day enjoyment of sports and leisure entertainment. It discriminates against no one, it’s out there and it’s on the move.”